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Arts Leadership Workshop

A couple of weeks ago, nine Iowa high school students, and the education teams for both From the Top and Orchestra Iowa, got together for the second annual Iowa Makes Music Arts Leadership Institute. The program focused on developing young musicians who aspire to make a difference in their communities as leaders. This year, the leaders and staff explored these topics:

  • The role that art can play in making a difference
  • What defines us as artists and leaders
  • Successful leadership qualities, and
  • Ways in which our stories can inspire others.

Each member of this year’s leadership team will be doing a community service project focused on making a difference in their communities through music.

We’ve armed each one of them with a FlipCam, so check back soon! Before you know it, this blog will be filled with updates that are focused on keeping you updated and informed. They’ll be sharing their stories, their reflections, their views, their successes, and their struggles…

Until then, here are some photos from last month’s workshop at Orchestra Iowa’s Symphony School in Cedar Rapids! (more…)


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