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One week away!

Hellooo everyone tuning in =) I’ve combined my last two weeks into this one posting!

Everything is so far going as planned.  I’d like to mention again that I moved the date of the benefit to Sunday, May 1st from 2-5pm.  I would of course LOVE if you could be there, so if you’re in town, come on out and listen to some amazingly talented musicians.

I have a rough line-up so far, but I am still looking for 3 or 4 musicians for 15-minute performances each!  I will be playing for about 15 minutes, I have some choral duets and ensembles, solos, saxophone duets… And more =)

That’s basically it so far!  I might add another posting as we get closer to the date.

Thanks again for your time.  It means the world to me!



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Slight Change in Plans!

Hello again!

So, good news =) I found a piano for my event!!!! I will be renting a Clavinova from a local music store, Foster Family Music.  The best part about it, is an anonymous donor is covering the costs of rental and transportation of the Clavinova to my venue, Border’s.  This is incredibly kind, and I would like to send out a heartfelt thank you for my anonymous donor.  Your support makes me want to work that much harder!

Also, I HAVE MOVED THE DATE of my benefit!! It will now be held Sunday, May 1st from 2-5.  Same place, just a different date.

I have decided to continue sponsoring New Kingdom Trailriders.  This is an absolutely amazing nonprofit which “provides an alternative type of physical therapy and rehabilitation to the mentally and physically handicapped of the Greater Quad City area and surrounding communities.”  If you want more information, check out their website —>

New Kingdom Trailriders will be speaking at my event as well as providing a slideshow presentation! I’m excited and nervous!!!  My event is three weeks away!

Again, open to any comments or suggestions =) Thanks for reading! P.S. Check out the other IMM musicians and their awesome work! Keep up the great work guys.


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A Little Roadblock…

Hello, and welcome again to my blog!

At the moment, I have hit a few stumbles. I’m not yet ‘drowning’ but I certainly wouldn’t want to get to that point!!

Here are my biggest concerns:

1) I have yet to secure a piano for my benefit!!!!! (Thinking about it makes me very very nervous) I recently contacted a local music store and they have not gotten back to me. I will definitely be calling them tomorrow.

2) I am in between two charities which I can donate my proceeds to. One non-profit sounds like they will be unable to provide a staff member to speak at my event (which I believe, is a vital component of my benefit.  The whole point of my project is to bring the community together and having someone from the organizations speaking at Border’s would tie everything together I think). I recently contacted another and I will post as soon as I find some information out. YIKES! =(

I’m getting a list together of the people that would like to perform. The good news (!!!) is that I have a LOT of interest. So much in fact, that I’m not worried (so far) about filling up the 3 hour time slot! Which is AWESOME!

Hope everyone is doing well! Keep going guys =) =).


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Hello to those previously following my blog and to those newly joining! =)

I last posted a few weeks ago (oops, I’ve been busy and haven’t been doing such a good job with updates), but would love to fill you in with what’s happening over here! Today we had another get together in Iowa City at West Music and it was AWESOME to hear how everyone’s doing! Great job guys!!

I am continuing with my charity benefit at Border’s. The date is April 30th from 1-4 pm. Please mark your calendars if you will be in town! I’d love to have you there =).

I am not sure how I should continue with advertising. I will contact my local newspaper and my school newspaper as well (which I am on the staff so that should be easy). As for “acts” lined up, I have confirmed at least 4 people so far!

Does anyone have a catchy name for my benefit?? It will be a benefit for my local Red Cross as I live near the Mississippi River and it is supposed to flood soon, so this will benefit those affected by it.



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Amanda’s Musical Journey Post 1


And thank you for taking the time to read this =). It means a lot to me!

Just some background info on my project: I am currently planning to do in some sort of capacity, a charity benefit.  I am hoping to do this musical benefit-concert at a Barnes and Noble or a Border’s, where I can get good “foot traffic” of people walking in and out of the store/mall.   I am hoping that the funds can go towards Charity: Water.  I will have to check on dates and the logistics of using “Charity: Water” as part of my advertising.

Right now, I am narrowing down some dates and then I will talk to my local Barnes and Noble/ Border’s so we can settle on something.  I’m throwing around some ideas as to which musical groups I would like to include… Here are some ideas!

  • Jazz Choirs (I, II, and Treble)
  • Jazz Bands (I and II)
  • Small Ensembles (Including our Tuba Christmas ensemble, Clarinet Choir, Woodwind Ensemble…)
  • My own talents! (Piano, guitar, and clarinet)

If you read this and have any advice or questions for me, my ears and mind are open!  Feel free to personally contact me should you feel the need:

Thank you so much for reading and stay tuned! I’ll keep you posted =) =)


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