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Here We Go!!!

Hey everyone! i am extremely excited to begin working on this years iowa makes music leadership program project- isnt that a mouthful? but it wasnt until recently that i obtained this enthusiasm, and it is due to the wonderful orientation that took place today. when i first walked in (mind you i was about a half an hour because i decided to get up at an ungodly hour) i shook the hands of our leaders, not having a clue what i was getting myself into. although, everyone was extremely friendly and welcoming, and i instantly felt like the day was going to be productive and inspiring.

all of the students that came today were also very easy to work with, and had a lot to offer to all conversation. it was so refreshing to work with people that have the same mindset and are mature enough to take on such a challenge as putting together something that wont only benefit them as people, but will change hearts and minds within their communities.

i was connected with a lovely lady named monica through email, and right away we knew that we would want to work together with our schools and other choirs we are in a do something big- so big, that it will rock des moines to its core. and what better way to do it than through music?

the project that we have decided to create and take on is a huge concert benefit that will hopefully include a large number of des moines lincoln choirs and arts teams, along with many johnston choirs. we will hold auctions for gift baskets, gift cards to local restaurants, and tickets to this summers season of icubs baseball. we also will have a 50/50 raffle and maybe even a silent auction for a stay at a popular vacation spot. all of the money raised from this benefit, including the price of a ticket to attend, with go to an organization that helps raise awareness, helps prevent, and ultimately helps to eliminate our nations war on child abuse. we chose this because for one, i have always had a passion for helping children who have experienced abuse and it is something that i have strong feelings towards and intend to work throughout my life to eliminate it. these children need healing, and again, what better way to “heal a weary soul” than through music?

i am so excited to get started, and to document this event for everyone to see and hopefully recreate in their own communities 🙂 also if you can, we would love love LOVE you to attend our event! monica and myself will be updating everyone with dates, times, and other logistics…so stay tuned!!

bailey m. johnson


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