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Project Results

So the school year is over, and it’s already time to prepare for marching band next year! Four out of the five Callanan percussionists I worked with are signed up for band, which is great! But what’s even better is that two of them auditioned for drumline and made it- and they are both girls! They seem to be having a great time so far at our drumline rehearsals, and I think they are more comfortable because they already knew me. I’m really glad I took the time to go to Callanan and work with these students, and now I know that my work has had a positive effect.



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Working on ensembles

So, I picked out 3 different quintets to bring for the 8th graders. Only problem is, we are down to 4 kids for the rest of the year. Oh well, I guess there are more options for percussion quartet than there are for a quintet, so it shouldn’t be hard to find a few different options. I still let them pick one quintet to work on, so they had some fun with that even though we were missing one part. Also, 3 of the 4 of them are now sure they want to do band next year! They want to come to Roosevelt sometime during May and try out all the drumline equipment, which I think would be a great opportunity for them to be introduced to all the current high school percussionists, and maybe perform their ensemble for us.


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Video from last meeting

Well, I tried to include footage from our last meeting, but was never able to upload the video. It kept quitting in the middle. Hopefully I can get that worked out. Anyway, we worked on new band music that Mr. Andrews wanted them to run through. This Thursday we are working on the percussion quintet, which will be much more exciting, so I’ll make sure to bring the camera!


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Meeting with the 8th graders

I’m happy to say I had a successful meeting with the 8th graders this week, and we have all agreed to start working on a percussion quintet that they will be performing at the end of the year. They seem much more energetic about playing fun percussion parts rather than the boring percussion parts written in their concert band music, so I hope they are realizing just how fun being a percussionist can be!


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Standardized Testing Stinks

Unfortunately, all middle schoolers were taking ITBS last week so we could not have a meeting during school. To make it worse, this week I was sick and also had to show up to school to take ITEDS. The only day I could meet after school happened to be the only day all the 6th and 7th graders were busy. Hopefully things will start improving now that my schedule is less busy, I am no longer sick, and all the standardized tests are over with.


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Thanks to everyone who gave me ideas for the scheduling conflicts I was having! I think meeting a couple times with the 8th graders for longer, masterclass-like meetings would be more beneficial and easier for all of us than trying to meet for a short time one day each week. And no more missing school! Luckily I can meet with the 6th and 7th graders after school, and I’m excited to talk with them again this week and (hopefully) work on learning something more interesting than their band music. Talking to the track coaches about getting the 8th graders out of a couple practices shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll let you know how it goes!


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First Meeting Complete!

Yesterday I was finally able to get out of school to go to Callanan and meet with the percussionists! I had a sectional with the 8th graders, during which we worked on the percussion parts for a piece they are currently playing in band, and I also asked them all whether they were planning to stay in band in high school. Two out of the five knew that they would, and two said they were still deciding. Hopefully by the end of my project, they will all want to! I was able to talk to the one 7th grader and two 6th graders, and the three of them were all very excited about the opportunity to be a part of the group and immediately signed up, which is a good sign. Because the 8th graders have such busy after-school schedules, the new plan is to meet with them during their band period once a week, and the after-school time can be dedicated to the 6th and 7th graders. Things are going pretty well so far!


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