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A new perspective!

Last Sunday was an enlightening experience. I learned to my heart’s content, met new people, socialized with old friends, and ate lots of food! 🙂 I had no idea music could inspire people to think of ideas that benefit our society, or that music could be used as a tool to connect people in such a creative way. Add leadership to the equation and the possibilities are endless!

The day began with bagels and a very unique name game! We went around the circle and said why our parents picked our names and what they meant. Then we broke into small groups and wrote about how music can empower, inspire, or make change. This was a cool way to gain new perspectives on the power of music. Some said that it was a different form of language, without words. In a way, that’s true. Music fills in the gap that words can’t sometimes. It certainly adds another dimension to movies. Imagine Lord of The Rings without the music! It wouldn’t be near as exciting. Or an action movie: without words it wouldn’t be nearly as engaging! For me, music is therapy. Not only to listen to, but also to play. When I’m angry, I play a bold, aggressive song on my violin. When I’m sad, I pour out my emotions on the piano or sing. Music also unites people. My orchestra group of friends are all connected through our instruments. It’s so neat to see how friendships can be founded by music.

I am super excited to start my quartet’s project! We are planning to go to Harding Middle School to start giving private lessons for free and also giving them some master classes. They are in dire need of help, and I am so ready to see the change. We might even have them perform a mini concert for their parents at the conclusion. I’ve never taught music before, but Mrs. Ponton, the Iman (the violist) teacher, is going to teach us how to teach this Sunday. Another opportunity to learn and gain a new perspective!



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