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“do it at home” ideas

I am almost finished writing the outline/script for my movie!  I have the idea to include short “try this at home” sections, like in the bill nye movies.  One idea I have is to model a sound wave with a slinky toy:  if you push one end, it pushes the subsequent rings in a wave similar to air molecules and a sound wave.

Do you guys have any other ideas for “do it at home” activities I could include?



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details, details…

I have been corresponding with Melissa Summers and the Girl Scout board, and I have made a few additions and decisions for my video.

At the meeting, I was thinking of making three short videos on each topic.  Mrs. Summers has a great formatting idea which incorporates all three topics into one concise video, and I agree with her that one comprehensive video will be more useful for teachers.  She also wants the video to connect the concepts together, not just explain them individually.

This is going to work! I am beginning to feel that there is a legitimate chance this will work out in time. 🙂


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Project finally finalized! I know what I’m going to do.

my meeting with Melissa summers went very well. She showed me the curriculum I would be lining up with and will be one of my mentors for the project. I will make a 15-20 minute video explaining sound instruments and the differences between volume and pitch. I’m excited! Hopefully it will turn out to be really cool.


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meeting scheduled

Melissa Summers and I have set a date and time for our meeting.  We’ll look at the 3rd grade curriculum and start to plan the info I will need to include in the video on the 18th at 4:00.  This project is finally getting started!


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Melissa Summers to the rescue!

Jenny suggested I talk with Melissa Summers, who deals with music curriculum throughout the Cedar Rapids School District, and it was a fantastic idea. We are setting up a date for a more in depth conversation, but from what she said on the phone, it sounds like I’ve found the perfect project! The third graders have a science unit on soundwaves and how sound is created by woodwind instruments, and they need a video explaining how all of that works. Since I play flute and love making videos and math, this seems to be a perfect fit! Wish me luck in our meeting, I hope everything works out this time.


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Matthew 25?

Hello everyone!

I’ve been searching for a nonprofit organization to help, and I feel I am coming closer and closer every day.  Today I finally was able to speak with Kathleen Hackbarth, the director of Matthew 25’s tool library.  I had spoken with a pastor friend and he connected me with this program which provides tools for flood impacted people to check out and use to rebuild homes.  Kathleen was very supportive and said a movie to post on their site explaining how their tool library works and possibly individual videos explaining how to safely use their tools would be very helpful.

After talking with Jenny on the phone Friday, I have been trying to figure out if making a movie in itself counts as music leadership.  I believe it should count as Arts leadership because videography is just as artistic as any other performing art.  However, I explained my uncertainty to Kathleen, and she had an idea which I haven’t had time to investigate.

Matthew 25 also has a program called Groundswell.  I had not heard of it until this morning and haven’t had a chance to speak with anyone specifically about helping with this program, but it sounds very promising.  From Kathleen’s quick explanation, this program is an afterschool arts program for younger students which focuses on every aspect of art from acting to bands to choirs.  This sounds very promising, but I have not had the chance to see if there is anything I can do to help them out.

I’m sorry this isn’t all figured out yet! I’m trying to find something, I promise.

Any ideas?


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Possible organization to partner with

I spoke with a youth pastor, Keith, and he is going to contact a couple different organizations he is connected with to see if they are in need of videos.  A promising one is involved in prisons. They run services in prisons and help with parole and things like that, and need to raise awareness.  Another is Block by Block, an organization which is trying to rebuild our flood zone one block at a time.  Things look promising!


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