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Phone Calls!

Just started to contact the students for lessons and I already have half of them confirmed for a date. Looks like I will be giving lessons for about an hour on Mondays and Tuesdays but we’ll see how things turn out within the next week.



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When to begin?

So we have our contact numbers, school is back in session, but the time to do everything has suddenly disappeared! It seemed like there was nothing to do during spring break, but now that we’re back and we can actually proceed with our plan we have other things to focus on. Hopefully I’ll find time to contact the kids this weekend.


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So It Begins.

Finally got an update as far as students interested in taking private lessons outside of school. I think there are around 16 violins? I can’t quite remember. It should be interesting to start making phone calls to have everything scheduled by next week. It may have to wait until the weekend though, Procrastination just assigned a ton of homework right at the end of break. Issues? To be expected… Soon.


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Is this my 3rd post?

Seems like time has been zooming by since our orientation and now finally our project is about to commence. This past week our group talked to all of the orchestra classes at Harding MS and hopefully attracted some customers. I’m still a little uncertain of how popular the program will be; hopefully we’ll get more than 4 or 5 students to sign up.

We’re still waiting to hear from their teacher to get the scoop on sign-ups and when we should start with lessons and sectionals. It’ll be interesting to see how things go.

Until later..


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Getting Started.

Having somewhat learned how to teach the basics of playing in instrument, our group is about to start our project with the middle school students in the coming weeks. Hopefully teaching these kids won’t be as difficult as it seems.  -Eric

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Post #1

So taking the time to think about AP Lang blogging, we were instructed to not just put “Post #1” and then write a two-sentence statement. However, I feel like as of this moment, I do not know of anything exciting and/or important to say despite the fact that this is my first post, late of course, that contains absolutely nothing valuable.


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