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This Week

Our visit to Cedar Valley went great! I will hopefully be able to finish our next video sometime this week.



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Episode 4: Mission 1 Accomplished

Finally, here is our next video post! Hopefully we will have one to follow soon as well. We have our next school visit at Cedar Valley this Friday.


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Sorry…New video comming soon (we hope)

Sorry about the delay in posting. We had mentioned on our last video that this next video would include some of our actual performance. Unfortunately, this delay has been because of some software malfunctions with the length of the videos that we took. We will hopefully have a chance to show some of our later performances. The video that I will hopefully post tomorrow or Sunday, however,  will be about what we did for the first schools in our project on Friday, March 11th.


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Episode 3: Just Another Regular Week

Episode 3: Just Another Regular Week.

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Heirs Quartet Episode 2: I Love Lucy

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HEIRS first post

Here is our first video. It basically just does what we did with the other bloggers last Sunday: introduces us and our project.

22-February-2011 at 3:44 pm 2 comments

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