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Our Concert

Dear Readers,

Hi everyone!! We hope all of your projects went well. Ours certainly did.

Our concert went smoothly. People really enjoyed the concert and were impressed with our talents.

We raised hundreds of dollars, which we donated to the Japanese Red Cross.

We are happy that we could help out those in need halfway across the world.

However, we had some difficulties as well. We certainly need to improve our advertising.

Although we advertised throughout the school, we did not reach out enough to the local community.

We would like to thank the following:

From the Top and Orchestra Iowa- For guiding us throughout the planning of our event.

West High- For letting us use its auditorium.

West Music- For letting us use its Steinway concert grand piano.

The attendees- For coming to our concert and supporting us.

And our fellow Iowa Makes Music friends- For giving us helpful advice

Here is a slideshow that we made that sums up our concert. Enjoy!

–Jonathan, Riko, Ivan, David


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Hey everyone,

So we haven’t made a video in a while and we’re sorry about that. We’re just so busy and tired, we’ve totally forgot that we needed to do it.

Anyways, there’s not much to say. We’ve made some progress. The West High Auditorium is open on May 21, so the concert will be that day. However, we’re not sure what time it will be. Also, we are thinking about getting some professionals in the concert too (Bill Preucil, David’s father). What do you guys think?

We’ll try and keep you guys posted.


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Blog post 4

Hi everyone,

Sorry this is late. Jonathan had some internet problems. But anyways, we are changing up our project. We aren’t really sure what we’re going to do afterwards yet, but we’re talking with Jenny. If anyone has any ideas, it would be great to let us know.

Well, here’s our 3rd video:

David and I are still working on it. There’s still a long way to go. But we’re getting there.

-Jon, Ivan, David, Riko

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Blog Post #2

Hi everyone! Sorry about being late for the blog post. Jonathan had the video but he was in Chicago over the weekend.

Anyways, we have finished our project proposal and have sent it in to Jenny. We have decided to have the concert at the West High auditorium instead of at the Englert Theater. It will be easier to reserve and we will have more proceeds to donate. We haven’t talked to the office yet, but it should be pretty easy to reserve.

Also, Ivan should have the advertisements ready soon to print out. And Riko is trying to get donations for food and beverages at the concert.

So, here’s our second video.

–Jonathan, Riko, Ivan, David

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First Blog Post

hi from david, riko, ivan, and jon.

and a little improv on yohannes broham (aka brahms)

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