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Kelsey – Ridgecrest Village- Crest Health

On Tuesday, May 11, I performed at Crest Health, a facility at Ridgecrest Village. Crest Health is a place for seniors who need services and help getting around. The people there were so friendly and had a great sense of humor. It was the biggest crowd I have had so far. They enjoyed my playing so much, I was very glad to have gone there. I will upload pics later!

Memorable Quotes:

“You’re playing for all ages. From 93 to 103!”

“Are they [my brother and I] from Hong Kong Island?” “Well, the last time I checked, they were from right here in the Quad Cities!”

“You’re both very attractive too. Both are very pretty.” “He’s a boy! Boys can’t be pretty!”
” Oh, then the girl’s very pretty and the boy is very handsome.”

“What ethnicity are you?” “Chinese.” “Really? You look part Yankee.”

🙂 They made me laugh so much!


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Kelsey – Performance at Heartland Healthcare

I recently had my second performance on Thursday, April 29. It was at Heartland Healthcare, which is sort of like a rehab center for older people in Moline, IL. At first, there were only a couple people there, but later, more and more people came. There was one gentlemen who came in crying, because of a family loss. I was afraid to start playing, because I was a bit confused. However, once I started playing, the man calmed down and kept on muttering, “very good, very good.” At the end of the performance, I overheard the man say to another man, “I feel so much better now. The music was very helpful. It feels great to make someone’s day!

Oh, and according to a nurse, not only were people in the room, but many were lurking around in the hallways, listening to the music. That day was one that I will never forget. Music is powerful.

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Kelsey – 1st performance at Silvercrest

Hey guys!

Yesterday, on Saturday, April 24, I went to my first performance. It was at Silvercrest Garner, an active retirement community. Even though there wasn’t that big of a crowd, it was still great! One man told my mom that I would have a bright future 🙂 My next performance is on Thursday, and I’ll be sure to blog about it!

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Kelsey – Contacted Places :)

Here is my schedule so far:
April 24
– 11:00 AM Silvercrest Garner (Davenport)
April 29
– 7:00 PM Heartland Healthcare (Moline)
May 11
– 6:30 PM Ridgecrest Village (Davenport)
based on many many phonecalls, I learned that 1) some people are VERY nice, and 2) some people lie when they say, “I’ll call you back to let you know tomorrow!”
I’m definately gonna contact more places so stay tuned!!

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            Hi, I’m Kelsey a ninth grader at Rivermont Collegiate in Bettendorf, Iowa. I play the cello and so I wanted to participate in the Iowa Makes Music Arts Leadership Program because I am very passionate for music and I want to spread the sound of it to my community. I will perform my Chinese repetoire at at least 10 different community places in the Quad Cities (Iowa and Illinois). Ex) libraries, book stores,  retirement homes, hospitals, day cares…etc.

“Music is the bridge between different cultures and generations.” Like they say, one person can make a big difference. I hope that I can inspire some of you to do so as well!

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