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Linda – The Concert

One week later, I finally figure out how to post video links to this blog. Yes, I’m just that talented.

But here are snippets of some of the performers from last Friday night. There was this one boy – well you’ll see in the clips.

You can watch all the videos here:, but I’ve uploaded a few of the concert highlights on this blog.

Issay Niki playing the Prelude in G minor by J.S. Bach. Get this – he’s only 6!

Miera Kim, on violin, and Carey Bostian, on cello, playing the Internezzo movement of the Eight Duets, Op. 39 by Reinhold Gliere.

Thomas performing Sergei Prokofiev’s Sonata, No. 2, Mvt. I.

Anthony Arnone playing Gaspar Cassado’s Suite for Cello.

Justin Moser (soprano sax), Elizabeth Lin (alto sax), Kap Mueller (tenor sax), and Curt Oren (bari sax), playing the Quatuor, Mvt. III by Pierre Max Dubois.

Thomas ending the concert with Alexander Scriabin’s Etude, Op. 42, No. 5.


Ticket stubs!

I had a great time at the concert. And it was pretty fun hanging out back trying to discreetly film all the performers. But wow, did my feet ache after the concert – 3 hours of high heels = ouch.

Thanks to everyone who came and for all the businesses and people for their support!


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Linda – Reflection – at FTT meeting

At West High in the South Band Room for the leadership meeting. It was really nice seeing what everyone has done, and how much they’ve done. It was amazing at how much everyone managed to accomplish!

Even more, it was nice having everything out there and realizing exactly what I’ve managed to do and what I really need to get done now. It surprised me at how I could relate to a lot of the difficulties that everyone faced, even though we’re doing such different things.

I’ve just been threatened and blackmailed into talking about success. Kidding. To be honest, I hadn’t really thought about what success was for this project, but thinking back, it was most likely that hopefully people would come and that maybe we would possibly, on the off-chance, raise some money for the university. Honestly, I was a little doubtful that it would really work out. I’m just a natural pessimist. 🙂

But working through it now, and hearing how well everyone has done, I definitely want to work harder and spread the word. And I realized, especially after talking with Jenny, that success doesn’t have to be raising a million dollars, but learning (and wow did I learn a lot about the limits to my organizational skills) how to organize events. It’s so much more different then school projects, and I’ve learned so much more how taking the initiative and planning (planning is so important!).

Concert on Friday – hope to see some familiar faces there!

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Linda – Long overdue update

Got the posters printed! Color copies sure are expensive….

I think Jenny was planning on putting it up, but here it is anway:

Stole the picture in the corner off a stamp (which they have for Alzheimer’s – thought that was really nice). Hopefully it doesn’t count as copyright infringement. 🙂

Restaurant contact hasn’t gone so well. Out of the four Nancy (from the Englert) gave us, two of them can’t do it (one has been full since February!), the phone number for one seems faulty (a real estate agency keeps showing up…), and I have to call another back Monday. But I’ve got a new list to work one now…

Note to self: Email doesn’t work as well as calling people.

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Linda – Introduction

My name is Linda, and I’m a sophomore at West High School from Iowa City, Iowa. I play both the clarinet and piano. I will be working with Thomas Burrill to host a benefit concert for Alzheimer’s research at the university. One concert will take place at the Englert, and the other will be at the HotelVetro in downtown Iowa City.

Currently, Englert has agreed to rent the recital hall to us for free (!), though there are still staff and ticket fees (if we choose to go through their box office and website). We’ve started creating a program for the concert, as well as considering sponsors and ticket pricing. Next, we actually have to talk to all the companies and performers!

I look forward to seeing the outcome of this project and hope you do too!

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