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Drum Circle

Last week I had my first drum circle. It was amazing. The vice President of West Music came and led the group. I’m indebted to Mellisa Bloom. We had 26 people show up the first night, it was amazing.

Tonight was the second night, this time I had to lead. I was extremely scared that if I messed up I’d discourage the others for ever coming back. I think it turned out well though, although I do have to say it could have gone better. 29 people showed up tonight 13 came from last week. The age range is from 2-70.

Tonight was a night for all of us to get together and be with one another.



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Drum Circle

Hello my name is Sara Doermann.

I am working with the Iowa Makes Music Foundation in creating a drum circle in our community for all people from the age 11 and up.

To be in the drum circle you DO NOT need to have a musical background.

The hope of this drum circle is to open up music for everyone no matter who you are, to spread music throughout the community, and for all generations to come and make music together.

In the future I hope to have the drum circle play at the local care center and assistant living place, along with young people places.

Anyone can play the drums, music is a part of all of us, it’s who we are.

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new plan

I got myself a plan. Instead of doing the barn dance, integrating musicians would have been hard, I’m going to do a hand drum soul circle.

k soooooo………….
What: a hand drum group
Why: get people more involved with music and everyone can drum because they already do in there heart. I’m also going to see if I can get all age groups involved.
Where: once or twice a week getting together at the local library.
Who: k what I want to do is have around ten or so people come, all age groups meaning 5th graders middle school high school grown ups and the older generation, musicians and non musicians.
How: call and ask west music and the symphony school if they would be willing to lend us some drums. Ask them is they have any one on hand that would have time to come down and help and participate at least once to tell us how we are doing.
After people get comfortable  with there drums i would start experimenting with my native american flutes and see if others would like to play them while we drum. I also have a friend who is an amazing amazing drummer whom would maybe find a way to accompany us.
When: we would travel around to the local care centers and assistant living place and play with them and if we are supper good i’m going to see if we can play at our high school concert in May.

anyone have any ideas for me???


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My First Post

Hi my name is Sara. My project is a little out there and maybe a little big. What I would like to do is to have a big old fashioned country dance. What Id really like to do is maybe some line dancing or something of the such.

The goal of this project is to get the younger and the older generations to come together and share in the music and to have fun. Its also a way to experience playing a different kind of music then Ive never played before and the same goes to my fellow classmates. I just hope i get enough interest in the community.

Dont feel shy to comment 🙂

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