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Thomas – Special Thanks!

Well, the final amount that we raised for the University of Iowa hasn’t come in  quite yet, but at this time, we’ve raised close to $5,000!

Special thanks to our Sponsors for the event:

Special thanks to:

Every Bloomin’ Thing

The Englert Theatre

Jane William Sax Studio

Dottie Ray

M.C. Gingsberg Estate

Thomas H. McMurray & Mary McMurray

Tom Hein and Mary Hein

John Mergen and Tami Mergen

Ed Zastrow

Tina Burrill


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After the concert…

Well the concert is finally over..  and it was quite a success! I was able to get the concert into two of our local newspapers, the Press-Citizen and the Gazette, which attracted the attention of our Local TV news station KCRG TV9, who decided to do a story on the concert for me as well.  I believe that a “post concert report” will be showing up soon in a newspaper from Des Moines as well!

More than 130 people showed up for the concert, and a third of them ended up buying tickets to come to the reception afterwards.

Not to mention, at the concert alone, more than $1,300 were raised in donations alone.  I think that I raised about $5,300 from the concert- not too shabby!   Checks are still flowing in, so I’ll have a final ammount hopefully by the end of the week.

Honestly, I was touched to see how many people care about our community at home- one man came up to me and thanked me for setting an example for “all the folks, young and old, in Iowa”.   It really made me think about the meaning of compassion. Hopefully I’ve inspired some kids or even adults to help out the community as well.

Even among the hundreds of emails and countless hours I’ve spent on this project, I fell like it was completely worth it.  I had a blast with this project! I’m even thinking about doing something similar to this next year for our local hospice.  This project really inspired me to look at my community and the world in different eyes: you can make a difference, as long as you try.

I’ll post some pictures soon, and some video should be popping up from the concert on Linda’s profile!



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Thomas – How ’bout an update?

I can’t believe that there are only five days left until the concert! (Jenny’s note – the concert is TONIGHT!!  May 21st.  Go see it!!)

The past few weeks have been filled with an uncountable amount of emails.

The letters to the sponsors were a huge success: I’m leaning on about a 50% success rate, and I’ve raised about $2000 so far- but there is one huge lesson that I learned during this project: The best way to contact people is through the phone- not through email or by letter. I’ve had quite a bit of difficulty with contacting people through letters.. apparently the postmaster lost them, or something went wrong in the process, because a good 10 companies didn’t get my letter through the mail. Email was a bit of a flop as well, many of the emails went unanswered or ignored, or refused to send in the first place.

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So much to do.. so little time..

Well.. I did it. Six drafts and too many revisions later, I finaly finished a letter that I wrote to attempt to get sponsors for my concert..

Now all that’s left is having to deliver them.. by hand. Great. But hey, if it works, it works, right?

Oh, and by the way: The info for the concert should be up on for anyone who is interested.  It should be a great concert- tell your friends and family!


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Thomas: Introduction

Hey, my name’s Thomas Burrill, and I’m a freshman at Iowa City West High school.  I’m working with my friend Linda Xiong on this project, with whom I’m traveling the (extremely bumpy) road to planning an Alzheimer’s Benefit Concert (My dad died from this disease a bit more than a year ago, so I’m dedicating this to his memory).

So far we’ve been able to get the Englert Theater in Iowa City and West Music on board with our project.  The Englert was kind enough to donate their theater to us for May 21st, and West Music is kindly loaning us their concert Steinway.

So now there are a few less things to do… and there’s exactly one month to finish the rest.

I don’t think I’ll be sleeping quite as much..

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