Working on ensembles

So, I picked out 3 different quintets to bring for the 8th graders. Only problem is, we are down to 4 kids for the rest of the year. Oh well, I guess there are more options for percussion quartet than there are for a quintet, so it shouldn’t be hard to find a few different options. I still let them pick one quintet to work on, so they had some fun with that even though we were missing one part. Also, 3 of the 4 of them are now sure they want to do band next year! They want to come to Roosevelt sometime during May and try out all the drumline equipment, which I think would be a great opportunity for them to be introduced to all the current high school percussionists, and maybe perform their ensemble for us.



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One week away!

Hellooo everyone tuning in =) I’ve combined my last two weeks into this one posting!

Everything is so far going as planned.  I’d like to mention again that I moved the date of the benefit to Sunday, May 1st from 2-5pm.  I would of course LOVE if you could be there, so if you’re in town, come on out and listen to some amazingly talented musicians.

I have a rough line-up so far, but I am still looking for 3 or 4 musicians for 15-minute performances each!  I will be playing for about 15 minutes, I have some choral duets and ensembles, solos, saxophone duets… And more =)

That’s basically it so far!  I might add another posting as we get closer to the date.

Thanks again for your time.  It means the world to me!


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Video from last meeting

Well, I tried to include footage from our last meeting, but was never able to upload the video. It kept quitting in the middle. Hopefully I can get that worked out. Anyway, we worked on new band music that Mr. Andrews wanted them to run through. This Thursday we are working on the percussion quintet, which will be much more exciting, so I’ll make sure to bring the camera!


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Zora’s awesome poster

I’m showing off Zora’s poster for her.


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Meeting with the 8th graders

I’m happy to say I had a successful meeting with the 8th graders this week, and we have all agreed to start working on a percussion quintet that they will be performing at the end of the year. They seem much more energetic about playing fun percussion parts rather than the boring percussion parts written in their concert band music, so I hope they are realizing just how fun being a percussionist can be!


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This Week

Our visit to Cedar Valley went great! I will hopefully be able to finish our next video sometime this week.


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“do it at home” ideas

I am almost finished writing the outline/script for my movie!  I have the idea to include short “try this at home” sections, like in the bill nye movies.  One idea I have is to model a sound wave with a slinky toy:  if you push one end, it pushes the subsequent rings in a wave similar to air molecules and a sound wave.

Do you guys have any other ideas for “do it at home” activities I could include?


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